Meridia Lifestyles is proud to announce our partnership with Uber!

We are offering all new tenants a $50 Uber Ride credit when new tenants sign their lease. We hope this offer will help reduce people’s dependence on owning a car, save money on parking lot fees, avoid New Jersey traffic, and help residents afford an easy way to get to and from their homes “without the hassle of parking or maintaining an automobile.”

“Today, the average automobile sits unused in a parking spot 96 percent of the time, and we believe that by making better use of cars already on the road, ridesharing can make transportation more equitable, more efficient and more environmentally-friendly,” Ana Mahony, general manager for Uber New Jersey, said. “By encouraging Uber as an alternative to driving your own car, we’re helping Meridia residents save both time and money.”

Merdia Lifestyles Apartments have already taken steps towards being more environmentally friendly and energy efficient, utilizing energy efficient dishwashers, washers and dryers throughout our apartments.

“Our partnership with Uber is going to be a great convenience for tenants living in Meridia’s already transit-friendly communities,” George M. Capodagli, CEO of Capodagli Property Company/Meridia-Living, said. “Offering the first of its kind Uber designated pick-up/drop-off zones and rapid, round-the-clock availability are a big part of what makes downtown living an attractive option for more and more people throughout New Jersey.”

View our availability here and sign up today to earn your Uber credits upon signing your lease!